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What is Yellow Fever?


The Yellow Fever vaccination requirements seem to create some confusion with some Travel Agents. Travelers who do not need the vaccine are advised to have it and others that do need it are sent on their way without being told that it is required. Let's see if we can clear up the confusion! First of [...]

What is Yellow Fever?2017-04-29T20:25:32+02:00

What is Malaria?


At least a million people throughout the world die from Malaria every year. Therefore, not a disease to be taken lightly! Malaria can be caused by four different malaria parasites. For doctors, the biggest concern is the Plasmodium Faciparum parasite, which is the killer of the four species, especially in Africa. The female Anopheles mosquito [...]

What is Malaria?2017-04-28T22:50:35+02:00

What is Typhoid Fever?


It affects 22 million people per year with 200,000 deaths worldwide. So obviously a nasty illness! Typhoid fever is caused by a bacterium that goes by the exotic name of Salmonella enterica Typhi. But don’t be fooled, ‘Sally T’ lurks around contaminated food, beverages and water and waits for an opportunity to be ingested by [...]

What is Typhoid Fever?2017-04-29T20:39:24+02:00

What is Bilharzia?


These rogues of parasites, of which there are a number of different dysfunctional families, are called by the tongue twister name of Schistosoma. There are S mansoni, S haematobium and S japonicum families and a couple of others you don’t want to meet! The families have a complicated lifestyle and need certain freshwater snails to [...]

What is Bilharzia?2020-09-09T09:13:44+02:00