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The medical doctors at Kloof Road Medical Centre are well rounded in their expertise, with special interests in some areas of the medical field. Each general practitioner is caring, considerate and genuinely has your health and wellness in mind.

Dr. David Smith

Dr. Smith is a big guy with a heart for small people! Apart from Cardiology and ENT, he has a keen interest in paediatrics – this has him caring for children of all ages, but he’s happy to attend to the ‘bigger children’ too. When he isn’t seeing to someone else’s kids, you will find him supporting his own on the side of a sports field. He loves water polo and strangely enough, he wanted to be the Pope when he was small, because he wanted to “make animals better”. Thank goodness, he decided to fix the humans instead!

Dr. Carina Fernandes

Dr. Carina is the Haematology expert (the branch of medicine involving study and treatment of the blood). Although this sounds very cold and clinical, Carina is quite the opposite. Her quiet, down-to-earth disposition and caring nature are a hit with the more timid children and reserved adults. And you’ll often hear her humming songs from West Side Story or Beauty and the Beast, and if pushed you may even get her to sing the entire musical, which she pretty much knows off by heart, those and any other musical you can name.

Dr. Jeannine Cheung

After years in the medical field, Dr. Cheung finds herself drawn to Dermatology and Gynaecology. Being female, the study of woman certainly fascinates her enough to pride herself on the excellent care she takes when treating these beauties. Her femininity is proudly declared with her adoration for shopping and food. Shoe shopping to be specific. No purchase of shoes is ever a waste, and if you end up buying a pair you’ve already got, it’s just double the pleasure. As for food, all food is good, especially Italian, and the more the merrier.


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